Erin Andrews Announced Somebody’s Secret Pregnancy Live ‘DWTS’


Erin Andrews

From what I’m told, Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy aren’t Bond villains, but rather two of the professionals on DWTS whose dreams of dancing have led them to a reality show where they do the fox trot with people who ABC for some reason calls “stars”. They’re also engaged to each other. And when a man and a woman love each other very much, the man gets the woman pregnant with her consent, then they contact a tabloid. That is unless Erin Andrews fucks it all up. Nice. Real smooth, Erin. Dummy. 

Erin’s loose lips struck during Monday’s rehearsals for the “Dancing with the Stars” finale. Our production sources say Erin was mic’d up when she walked up to Peta and Maksim and congratulated them … and everyone heard it. We’re told the couple was pissed since they hadn’t told some of their closest friends and family yet — and they were still planning a big announcement. Erin apologized, but we’re told she kept trying to blow it off as a joke … which only made it worse.

As you can clearly see from their engagement announcement, Erin Andrews took some money out of a few peoples’ pockets. That shouldn’t be a problem since Erin recently pulled one of the good, yellow Monopoly cards, so something should be hitting the bank soon. If I was them, I’d mention that. 


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