Emily Ratajkowski Celebrated 10 Million Instagram Followers W/ This Nude Selfie


Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram is a treasure trove of cleavage. Whether it’s being shown off in a dress, bikini or other, Ratajkowski has perfected the selfie game and her 10 million Instagram followers are proof that the method is working. Unfortunately a lot of girls are following the same method to get attention but at least Ratajkowski began to earn it from actual modeling work instead of the living room while her parents are asleep. Really, she’s the only reason to ever watch that Blurred Lines music video ever again.

Today however Ratajkowski hit 10 million Instagram followers and decided to celebrate the occasion with, you guessed it, a nude selfie. Nothing new really, but who are we to look away! Ratajkowski apparently was taking a bath…with her glasses on…when the mood struck her to send the thank you note to her followers.

Oh sure, we’re not seeing her fully nude or anything but we take what we can get these days. Waste not, want not! We especially like the girl next door look which is a rare one for The Jkowski. That’s what we like to call her: The Jkowski.

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Of course if you scan through Emily’s more recent Instagram pics, you may enjoy something with a bit less knee in the image like this one:

You’re gonna go places, kid.





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