Dozens Burned At Tony Robbins Fire Walking Event Proving Fire Can Still Burn You


Motivational speaker Tony Robbins has been getting people pumped and ready to take on the world for more than 20 years but it was Thursday night when that motivation turned into a 911 call. 30 or more people sustained burns to their feet and legs after a “fire walking ceremony” where Tony asks his followers to believe in themselves to the point of having no fear of walking over hot coals. Well, they did believe in themselves and so did the paramedics when they showed up to help the people in Dallas, Texas after what looked like a fucking human barbecue.

Sure, you almost get what you ask for when you pay someone top dollar to ask you to walk across hot coals. But the more hilarious part of the story is how Robbins’ staff told the press that the event actually ended really well! In true Robbins fashion, positivity can mask even the worst of moments, especially when his staff person is surrounded by ambulances explaining how this is just a normal thing for a Tony Robbins seminar.

Check out the news clip of the exciting finale below, as well as a word from Robbins’ Head Trainer Tad Shinke.

One fire walking regular actually had the balls to say a lot of the people that were burned weren’t in a “peak state” to do the fire walk and that there is indeed a method to the walk itself. On the other hand, it could be that hot coals just burned these people’s feet and legs because THAT’S WHAT FIRE COALS DO WHEN YOU WALK ON THEM!

Regardless, I still do love a good Tony Robbins cameo on Family Guy so let’s end this news story on a different kind of “peak state”.



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