Deadpool Highjacks Infinity War in Hilarious Fan-Made Trailer


Infinity War is almost upon us and many have wondered what the movie would look like with Deadpool replacing all of the actors in the epic movie. Ok, maybe only a handful of people have wondered what Wade Wilson would look like in every major role in Infinity War, including Thanos. Ok, ok. Maybe it was only one person. But, now that there’s an Infinity War trailer with Deadpool in almost every role, you’re going to wish that they actually made Deadpool 2 as a spoof of Avengers 3.

The new Avengers mashup trailer has gained quite a bit of popularity since it was released and now we understand why. Infinity War doesn’t have Deadpool in it officially, but this new trailer will make you wish that it did. For starters, the visual effects are really, really well done. While the dialogue is good and pretty Deadpool-esque, the voice actor could use a little work and that’s basically the only part that seems a little off. Other than that, seeing Deadpool make fun of Thanos and saying that “Cable” looks like a purple Homer Simpson is pretty much worth watching the whole 2-minute trailer for.

The new dialogue in the Infinity War meets Deadpool mashup is pretty spot on as to what the Merc with a Mouth would probably say in those situations. We see Wade Wilson as Thanos and Captain America, which makes that last fight scene pretty bizarre and awkward. Deadpool surprisingly makes a good Scarlet Witch as well as a pretty good Tony Stark and Peter Quill. This trailer mashup is perfectly absurd and definitely worth a watch for anybody that enjoys the vulgar side of Marvel.

Completely unrelated, there’s also a fan-made Infinity War and Deadpool 2 poster that is pretty spot on. The poster features Deadpool wearing the Infinity Gauntlet while flipping us the bird. Honestly, this should have been the real poster for Deadpool 2 because it’s light years better than any of the promotional material that has been released to date. This poster paired with the new fan-made trailer is almost too perfect, except for the fact that Deadpool appears to have all of the Infinity Stones intact, which might insinuate Wade Wilson’s dominance over all of the Avengers.

Infinity War and Deadpool 2 open within weeks of each other, but there’s really no contest for the Merc with a Mouth when it comes to the mighty Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s still slumming it up over at Fox with the rest of the X-Men and now his X-Force, so don’t expect to see any real-life Deadpool and Avenger crossovers any time soon. For now, we can all live vicariously through the new fan-made Deadpool 2 poster as well as the insanely funny Infinity War/Deadpool mashup trailer below, courtesy of the The Mighty Raccoon YouTube channel. The trailer, in typical Deadpool fashion, is Definitely NSFW.


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