Constitutional Crisis! South Carolina To Vote On Bill To Block Pornography!


Today a menace to our liberty and democracy is being confirmed and could become a horrifying reality next month. I’m of course talking about the new bill being voted on by South Carolina that would essentially BAN pornography.

The new bill, if it becomes a law would make it illegal to sell a computer, tablet or smartphone without a porn filter.  Everyone would be force to run something like Net Nanny on their devices so they can’t look at Hot Naughty Nannies Volume 5.

OK, this looks pretty hot. 

The anti porno legislation is called The Human Trafficking Prevention Act. So in theory this law would help curb the exploitation of sex workers who may be filming adult movies against their will.

Can we just filter the GILF stuff?

So in essence they are saying human trafficking is a really, really horrible thing that should be eradicated from the face of the earth even if we have to infringe on our First Amendment rights to do it, but for $20 bucks they are willing look the other way. Come on guys, no one hates porn THAT much. One of the sponsors of the bill, Representative Bill Chumley told local reporters in South Carolina that;

“If an end user buys an apparatus, a computer, and they want access to that, they would have to pay to have that filter removed.”

 Rep Bill Chumley,  a dude who has seen some THINGS on the internet.

To be fair the $20 porn filter removal fee will go towards efforts to actually fight human trafficking. Which, unless you are super sadistic, sounds like a good thing. If you have ever seen the Netflix documentary “Hot Girls Wanted” – I don’t suggest watching it if you want to knock one out to PornHub for at least a week.

Although just like those documentaries that show you the horror of the meat packing industry, most dudes will be “back at it” shortly after watching the film. Which brings up the Break Poll of The Day!

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