Condom Brand Hires Charlie Sheen, The Worst Spokesperson For Using Condoms


Charlie Sheen, the actor who we all looked up to for living the ultimate bachelor lifestyle by starring in movies, getting huge paydays for TV shows and partying with pornstars on a daily basis crushed all of our dreams because he now has the HIV. But that’s not stopping Sheen from becoming the star of a different type of production. Condom brand Lelo Hex has hired Sheen to be the face of their brand and, well, we can’t help but think that might be a bad choice, especially in terms of selling more of your product.

First, the idea of buying condoms is a good thing. We buy condoms because we’re excited about getting laid, right? But now when you go to the store and see Charlie Sheen’s face of all people next to the condom display telling us to buy a condom or we’ll get the HIV, getting laid might seem like a bit of a bummer. Nothing like remembering Sheen after pulling out that Lelo Hex while your random hookup is on their way over.

Then Lelo Hex released this somber ad where Sheen discusses having HIV all the while promoting Lelo Hex. Y’know, just to really get you in the mood for some sex.

“Lelo Hex. Sadness mixed with rubber.”

Third, condoms break. They just fucking break, man. Ever had a condom break and only realize it after you’re all finished up? It’s a goddam nightmare. And Sheen here is promoting condoms to prevent you from getting the HIV, but last I checked, Lelo Hex isn’t made of metal with a lifetime warranty. In fact, their slogan is THE CONDOM RE-ENGINEERED. That’s like someone telling you “Hey, I re-engineered the fire escape, you should totally go out there and jump around on it.”

Listen, sex should be a good thing and not remind you/scare you about the possibilities of dying due to a possibly deadly transmitted disease (that is if you don’t have the funds for medication to keep it from becoming deadly) so Charlie Sheen seems to just be a really bad choice to promote a condom line. Hey, I get it, wear condoms to prevent getting the HIV. I personally just don’t want someone who clearly didn’t wear condoms to begin with telling me to buy a particular one.


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