Chill As F–k Bear Breaks Into Home, Drinks Margarita In Hot Tub


Bears in a ski resort. Photo: Sanford/Agliolo (Getty)

Some of us spent the midweek holiday playing cornhole on the beach with a PBR in one hand and a bag of corn in the other. Some of us spent Independence Day waking up before dawn to get the best possible spot at the park for our hometown’s fireworks display. Others spent the entire day working because life sucks balls sometimes.

According to Fox News, one bear in California outdid all of us humans. He spent the holiday week breaking into some rich guy’s house, chillaxing in his hot tub and even…wait for it…sipping on a f–king margarita.

The grizzly bear might be the state animal for all Californians, butwe’d like to think this bear is the spirit animal for billions of people worldwide. After all, who doesn’t dream of a day when they can just let everything go and relax in a stranger’s hot tub while sipping on their booze without having to pay top dollar for top shelf shit?

Plus, I once had sex with my girlfriend at the time in a hot tub in Mexico, so anytime I see a video of anybody — or anything — in a hot tub, it really takes me to a happy place.


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