Child's Play Remake Will Change Chucky in a Major Way


We’ve got some new details regarding the upcoming Child’s Play Remake, and fans of the original probably aren’t going to be happy. News of this remake hasn’t been received particularly well, both from quite a few horror fans and those involved with the franchise. Still, MGM is pressing ahead with the remake, with filming set to being next month. Now we have some new details on how Chucky is going to be portrayed and it’s dramatically different than what we’re used to.

When we first got word that this Child’s Play remake was happening it was indicated that this version of Chucky was going to be a technologically advanced toy gone wrong. Now, according to a new report, it sounds like Chucky will be a seriously defective doll whose programming was actually hacked. Here’s the character description from the new report.

“A defective ‘Buddy doll’ whose programming code was hacked so that he has no limitations to learning and also violence.”

What’s also new here is that this remake won’t even be using the iconic Good Guy doll, assuming this character description is accurate. That alone would be enough to put hardcore fans off, but the broader implications here are huge. Originally, Chucky was possessed by the spirit of a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray. This represents a grand departure from that mythology and sort of robs the character, the heart of the franchise, of his defining traits. This new report has another character description that helps further connect the pieces of the puzzle. The description reads as follows.

“[A] Chinese factory worker who commits suicide shortly after re-programming a Buddy doll to have no limitations.”

As for why this factory worker would do such a thing? That remains a mystery for the time being. Brad Dourif, who has voiced Chucky in all seven movies, has already stated that he won’t be part of the remake. That meant the creative team had to come up with a way to change the murderous doll for this new take. It appears as though they’ve accomplished that. Though, this is sure to be an unpopular change, unless executed brilliantly. At the present time, it’s probably not worth getting your hopes up in regards to that being the case.

Franchise creator Don Mancini and producer David Kirschner are also not happy about the remake and are continuing their version of the franchise independently. They’re currently working on a Child’s Play TV series and have plans to develop further movie sequels that will follow in the footsteps of last year’s Cult of Chucky. So, we’re going to have two very different version of the franchise existing simultaneously.

Lars Klevberg (Polaroid) is set to direct the Child’s Play remake, with Liv Tyler on board to play Andy’s mom. This new version will center on a group of kids, as opposed to just Andy. No release date has been set by MGM just yet, but with filming set to get underway very shortly, it’s highly likely we’ll see the remake arrive in theaters sometime next year. This news comes to us courtesy of


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