Can You See What's Wrong With This Image Of Three Bikini Girls At A Gas Station?


The visitors of the internet have such a keen eye to detail, it really is like a super power. Especially when you account for all of the pictures we look at on any given day, it’s amazing how the slightest random detail could spark a picture to receive almost 100,000 views. More specifically, this image of three girls checking out at a gas station, only can YOU tell what’s off about the picture?

SweetMercifulBananna wrote “Holy hell I would have never seen that” and rightfully so. It is three (two visible) chicks in pretty small bikinis so why would you look anywhere else! Which actually might have been the girl in the middle’s goal who has a nice accessory to her summer time outfit. A big fat ankle monitor wrapped up in duct tape.

Hey, when you’re a young girl in your 20’s, it’s summer time and you ain’t gonna get that tan by being stuck in your house, you grab that roll of duct tape and do what you gotta do. Apparently. Kraken9 wrote “It’s actually quite nice that despite having made a mistake & getting punished that person is trying to enjoy the summer.” Quite nice indeed!

Of course we have no idea what she did wrong or what the whole story is seeing as the photographer of the pic isn’t Woodward or Bernstein but that’s okay because regardless it just proves that despite whatever bummer circumstances you might be in, you can still make the most of it. And by most of it we mean just say “fuck it” to your probation.

We’re just surprised she didn’t at least wear pants or some better camo to hide it. But then again, if you have an ankle monitor and you’re heading to the beach, you wouldn’t care what people thought about it anyway.


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