Break Poll: An Important Question Regarding Mystique From X-Men Apocalypse


Fact: Mystique is the only comic book character that can walk around fully nude in a movie and it still be generally okay for kids to buy a ticket without asking an adult to sneak them in.

However as sexy as Mystique is, she’s more of a fighter than a lover, willing to kill whoever is blocking her path.

Sure, Mystique looks like a lady and is categorized as female but who knows what kind of lady parts she has going on. She has boobs but no nipples. And it doesn’t appear that she has a dong, but it’s unclear if she has a vajay…or even a butthole.

But the more concerning part is she can shapeshift into a wet dream or horrific reality. Long story short, if you’re in the middle of making out with Mystique and she DOESN’T kill you, she may feel like turning into Ellen DeGeneres just for a laugh. Talk about a buzzkill.

So our big question that you now have to answer is…wouldja’ Mystique? Choose your fate.


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