BossLogic Imagines Jeffrey Dean Morgan as DC's Lobo


Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently expressed interest in playing Lobo on the big screen. The character has been discussed as someone from the DC catalog who could eventually get his own movie plenty of times in the past and when it comes to something like that, casting is key. Many seem to like the idea of Morgan taking on the role and now, thanks to some excellent new fan art, we have an idea of what that might look like.

The art comes from BossLogic, who is known for doing this sort of thing with new castings, rumored castings or, on occasion, just for fun. The artist took an image of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, another famous DC role the actor played in the past, and transformed him into Lobo. The results speak for themselves. If someone has to play Lobo at some point, this would seem to be a spot-on bit of casting.

Dwayne Johnson, who is still attached to play Black Adam in the DC movie universe in the eventual future, even took to Twitter to sign off on the casting, simply saying “hell yes” to the idea. Johnson and Morgan worked together on this year’s Rampage. This whole thing got started when a fan asked about it at the recent An Evening With Norman and Jeffrey event, which featured Morgan and his The Walking Dead co-star Norman Reedus. On stage, he stated he’s interested in playing Lobo.

“The only one I want to play is DC and Lobo. He’s badass. Marvel, I don’t know, everyone that’s in it is pretty good. I feel like all the greatest characters, they’re working.”

A movie centered on Lobo has been in development in an on again/off again way for nearly a decade. Warner Bros. is still kicking around the idea and the most recent idea was to bring in Michael Bay to direct the movie. That doesn’t look like it’s going to materialize, but this isn’t even the first time the idea of Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing Lobo has come up. The actor actually spoke with us in 2009 and stated he would be interested in the gig.

Lobo would be very cool. I don’t think that I’m as big as Lobo is, but if you could, transplant Mickey Rourke’s body on my head, that would be just great.”

As it happens, there is actually an opportunity for this to become a reality in the near future. During SDCC, it was announced that Krypton season 2 will introduce Lobo. Jeffrey Dean Morgan proved with The Walking Dead that he’s perfectly happy to take a TV gig, if the job is right. Would he actually want to do it? SyFy may at least want to make a call. Be sure to check out the art from BossLogic’s Twitter account for yourself below.


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