Bautista Continues Tirade Against Disney, Doesn't Care If He's Fired


Dave Bautista has yet to officially walk away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he is truly unhappy with the way that Disney treated former Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 director James Gunn. Now, he is unsure if he’ll ever work for Disney again since the third Guardians film is currently on hold indefinitely. Bautista still has a few days of reshoots on Avengers 4 to complete, but that could very well be the last time that the actor portrays Drax the Destroyer.

Dave Bautista is out promoting Final Score, which hits theaters next week, and he was asked about the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 situation. Bautista has been talking about the James Gunn incident with Disney for over a month now, and he has not let up on his disappointment in the studio. Now, it looks like the actor might be ready to throw in the towel on the MCU completely. Bautista explains.

“There’s a bit of an issue. It’s a bittersweet conversation. No – it’s a bitter, bitter conversation, because I’m not really happy with what they’ve done with James Gunn. They’re putting the movie off. It’s on hold indefinitely. To be honest with you, I don’t know if I want to work for Disney… I’ve been very vocal about the way I feel. I’m not afraid to admit the way I feel.”

Since James Gunn has been let go from Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Dave Bautista has been taking shots at Disney on social media, while teasing out information about the upcoming highly secretive Avengers 4. The actor is not happy, and we might not see the Guardians on the big screen again after the next Avengers film. Everything seems to be in limbo at the moment, and Bautista is rocking the boat.

If Dave Bautista decides to bow out of the MCU, it would be a major deal. Drax is an important component to the success of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. While the movie is on hold at the moment, it has been reported that Disney and Marvel have been meeting with other directors to replace James Gunn. Additionally, it looks like they will more than likely use Gunn’s script, which was a stipulation that Bautista had for staying on board at the time of the director’s firing.

To complicate things further, Dave Bautista is under contract, along with the rest of the Guardians. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 was intended to be the last time that we saw that team together like that, at least according to James Gunn. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the near future. For now, thanks to Bautista, we know that Drax and the rest of the Guardians are returning for Avengers 4, so at least there’s that to look forward to. You can watch the interview with Dave Bautista below, thanks to The Jonathon Ross Show YouTube channel. The Guardians talk is at the 1-minute mark.


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