Batman Easter Egg Discovered in Latest Shazam Set Photo


Will Batman show up in Shazam? A few weeks ago, a picture from the set of Shazam! leaked, which featured a poster promoting a boxing match. The poster wasn’t anything special, but one of the sponsors was Ace Chemicals. Ace Chemicals is the birthplace of the Joker and was once owned by Martha Wayne’s family in Gotham City. This little piece of information was thought to be an Easter Egg for hardcore DC fans, but a new photo from the set seems to hint that Batman may be making an appearance in Shazam!.

The newly leaked image from the set of Shazam! features a news van that many would just scroll right past. However, a closer look (and not even that close) shows that the news van is from Gotham City, which hints that the Caped Crusader could end up making a cameo in some way. It has been heavily rumored that Superman will make an appearance over the last handful of months, but now, we may end up seeing both characters in cameo parts. At the very least, the picture shows that Batman will be acknowledged.

Young Billy Batson is a huge fan of DC superheroes and we’ve already seen a tease of some DC-related merchandise on the set, but where will Shazam! fit into the DCEU timeline, if at all? Early audition tapes revealed that Batman and Superman are around, so it could be that Batson looks up to these characters and sees clips of the heroes on the local news, feeding his superhero obsession. Shazam! is currently in production and set photos have been leaking at regular intervals ever since, so we might find some more information soon.

In other Shazam! news, some fans have taken to social media to announce that Zachary Levi’s suit looks a lot like the space suit from the 1980s Robin Williams starring sitcom Mork and Mindy. And the two suits do share a lot of commonalities, especially in the leaked images that have come to light. Levi responded on social media with some good humor by saying, “Nanu nanu, fam.” Fans have had some pretty intense debates about the look of the Shazam! suit leaks and many are hoping that it isn’t complete.

Shazam! could end up with cameos from Batman and Superman, which has not been confirmed, but it’s looking more and more likely. The question will center on if they use new footage or if they use existing footage from the DCEU in news reports that young Billy Batson sees on television. It’s too early to tell at this time, but there’s definitely some callbacks to Batman that are more than little Easter Eggs teasing a chemical plant. While we wait to figure out the mystery, you can check out the social media posts comparing the suit to the Mork and Mindy space suit as well as the new set photos below, courtesy of BlogTo’s Twitter account.


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