Baltimore Private School Kids In Hot Water For Racist Halloween Costumes


Halloween may be the one time of the year it’s socially acceptable for girls to go out in public wearing candy thongs and pasties, but while the holiday is mostly a free-for-all there’s one thing you can’t be: racist.

And yet every year people seem to fail at it. Guys, we all manage to hide our racism the other 364 days of the year – unless you spend the first 12 hours of Halloween sniffing glue, you should be able to make it the rest of the day without drawing swastikas on yourself, dropping racial slurs, dressing up as a victim of police brutality…you know. Common sense shit.

Which brings us to the tale of these kids from a bunch of top private Baltimore schools who decided it would be funny to go and wear racist Halloween costumes while they partied over the weekend. None of the students’ names have been released due to the fact that they’re minors and we’re not actively trying to ruin their lives – just maim, really.

The above “Freddie Gray” costume was reportedly worn by a student of Boys’ Latin School of Maryland and taken at an off-campus party at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Both schools have issued statements to cover their asses, when in reality all they really needed to say was “Look, our business model is literally based on taking a bunch of idiot minors and attempting cram some smart into their brains. What did you expect?”

One parent of the minors attempted to defend their child by rationalizing that they were “just having fun” in a prison costume and that the person who had taken the photo had “misrepresented” them. “These are costumes that are widely available and the responsibility for this lies with the folks who misrepresented what went on,” they told the Baltimore Sun. Alright, fine – I can see that with the “N***as broke out” photo since the alleged student in said photo claimed the caption was a line from an Ice-T song that was playing at the time – but the kid with swastikas on his back?

Not so much (the two blurred-out sections are a drawing of a dick and the N-word, so don’t feel like any crucial information is being withheld from you.) Swastika boy attends St. Paul’s School, another private school also located in Baltimore. Score one for Boys’ Latin – “We may be racist, but at least we’re not Nazis.”

Both schools have made it abundantly clear in their statements since the scandal broke and are said to be “investigating” the incidents.

What do you think – is this political correctness gone mad, or are these costumes actually racist? Tell us why they are racist (because that is the correct answer) and how you are too smart to have been caught doing something so stupid on-camera in the comments!


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