Ayesha Curry Says The NBA Finals Are “Absolutley Rigged”


Ayesha Curry

“Hope people don’t think this was rigged. Gotta put these haters on notice.” – Riley Curry

In what has become a recent mantra for 20-somethings who can’t accept that their team is losing, Ayesha Curry, wife Golden State’s star Steph Curry, accused the NBA of rigging the Finals for money. Someone should tell her that superdelegates don’t vote until July 25th, so anything’s possible!

Ayesha Curry

I totally agree. Totally. Her husband’s team won the 2015 NBA Championship, had the best record in NBA history this year, and went up 3-1 in this year’s Finals. I think the NBA became rigged when Golden State then lost the next two games. That’s probably when it happened. You can totally pinpoint when the NBA started rigging games for money to the precise moment her husband’s team started losing. 

The only take you need for Game 7:

[  h/t Sports Illustrated  ]


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