Ashley Graham And Joe Jonas Really Want That Hashtag, Everybody


Ashley Graham

Cake By The Ocean is one of those songs that, if it had been released in the 90s, it would already be on a CD where children sing along to the hits of today that you could purchase at Wal-Mart. But it came out in 2016, so in 2026, you’ll pretend you never really liked it and nod when people say it should have never been recorded. I guess what I’m saying is that the song is shit. DNCE probably understands that, so they cast Ashley Graham in their video for “Toothbrush” to be on the positive end of a hashtag. I just watched the video today, and it’s cute that we’re led to believe Ashley Graham could fit into one of Joe Jonas‘ t-shirts. Anyway.

“We’re doing cool stuff in bed. We had the beautiful Ashley Graham in the video. We just got to make out and roll around on each other all day,” he shared with E! News’ Jason Kennedy on Live From the Red Carpet. “It was a man’s dream come true.” Joe added, “The first ten minutes, we were comfortable. The makeout scenes were really hot and long and I think they said cut a few times and we both were in our zone and we were like, ‘whatever.’”

Yeah, sure okay. Jonas was banging this until he got dumped then read she was banging a One Direction dude two weeks later. But yes, I’m sure simulated sex with Ashley Graham is a dream come true. 

“One of the most fun things was just the whole day. I don’t think I could really put my finger on one thing,” Ashley shared. “Joe is just so sweet. He and I were just cracking jokes the entire time. I can’t wait to be in DNCE’s next music video.”

Well, we obviously know what jokes they weren’t cracking the whole time, amirite? Speaking of body shaming, has Amy Schumer told us how much she loves her body yet today? It’s been a whole day and I’m starting to get worried. 


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