‘Arrow’ Actress Juliana Harkavy Will Make You Sing


Photo: Araya Diaz/WireImage (Getty)

While The CW series Arrow is at an all-time low in ratings, it has managed to nab one of its better actresses towards the end of its six-season run — Juliana Harkavy.

The fit & toned 33-year-old action TV actress picked up a character arc on The Walking Dead in 2013 before snagging the singing part of Dinah Drake’s Black Canary, who found a regular home on Arrow in 2017 with crossovers on Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash.

Check out some behind-the-scenes shots of Harkavy on her Instagram (@julianaharkavy) and learn to love the one good thing left on The CW. Until they wise up and bring back that WB singing frog, Juliana will do just fine.

Now for a look at Juliana outside of her Black Canary duds.

Now that’s impressive.


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