Angry Old Man Punches Woman After She Honked At Him For Walking Too Slow


When you’re in a car and you really gotta be somewhere, haulting at a crosswalk waiting for old people to make it across the damn street can be a little bit of a burden. But hey, they’re old, and they just can’t figgin’ help it how slow they are. One driver however decided to make her point to an elderly man about how he needed to speed up his walking pace by honking at him. And of course he didn’t take that aggression lightly.

After she honked at him (mainly because the light turned green and he was still walking across), the old guy allegedly shuffled over to her driver side window, swung and belted her in the face. The woman says she then stepped out of her car and the old guy, who is said to be between 60 and 70-years-old, kept swinging. 

source: York Regional Police/Handout

Right now, police are looking for this man in the above photo without a name to go off of, but the entire incident was apparently caught on a dash cam. The woman that was hit says she sustained barely any injuries and that she declined medical attention. Hey, if the guy can’t cross a crosswalk in a timely fashion, I doubt he can leave much of a mark when he gets angry.

But let this be a lesson to all of us that not only should we really reserve our road rage moments for people that deserve it, but also let old people do their thing. They’re probably more frustrated at being slow than we are.





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