An Awesome Map With Wi-Fi Passwords For Airports Around The World


You’re about to begin a new travel adventure, having to wait around at the airport can really extinguish that blaze of energy left over from planning and embarking on your journey. So you look for internet access, but in so many airports, Wi-Fi networks are password protected!

Anil Polat, a blogger, computer engineer, and a world traveler works from anywhere, even places with the worst wireless connections. He rose to the occasion and set off to solve the Wi-fi password issue. And then devised a genius sword of innovation, the Wifox App.

The app is regularly updated including the locations and Wi-Fi passwords for a stream of airports all over the world. If there are any new or revised passwords they can be submitted through email or the comment section of his site. The app is available on android and IOS through Amazon, the App Store, and Google Play.

 The Main Features of the Wifox App

  • A popular map of wireless passwords, that allows users all over the world to add password information during their travels and airport transits.
  • Passwords are verified, added to the map and updated in real time.
  • Hotspots are visible on the map and available for offline use.
  • In map view, you can tap any Wi-Fi icon where wireless information is available, and use the button to copy the password to the clipboard.
  • The map is available offline (when you download Google Maps) so you don’t need an Internet connection to use WiFox when you’re traveling just copy and paste the password.
  • The Hotspot information is based on your location, so you instantly have access to the name of the network and the password that can get you online.
  • WiFox has a feedback system. Passwords are provided by travelers in the comments section or emailed to the  WiFox developer Anil Poland.
  • Passwords can be copied directly by clicking on the Wi-Fi icons of the world map. Once the wireless location is found, copy the password from Wifox straight onto the setting of the phone.
  • Unlock the time restrictions, there are access points with time limitations, Wifox navigates you around these restrictions.
  • Real-time Updates. Travelers rate the provided passwords and information and send through updates or revisions in real-time, directly on the app.
  • There are color-coded icons which indicate how reliable and new the information is at a given an access point.
  • Users are protected while accessing free Wi-Fi networks so unintentional connections to malicious access points are evaded.

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