Amber Tamblyn Says James Woods Tried To Bang Her When She Was 16


Amber Tamblyn


So Armie Hammer is in a movie where he plays a 24-year-old gay dude who is in a relationship with a 17-year-old gay dude. It’s a love story, so it’s not like R Kelley or Woody Allen or people who still like Joe Paterno. But according to James Woods, this is another part of the gay agenda to finally kidnap all your underage boys and force them to be sex slaves or something like that. Not really sure.



Armie Hammer replied with a Shoryuken, then Amber Tamblyn went full Mortal Kombat  Finish Him meme.



Now, Videodrome is my shit, but if you just spend like five minutes on James Woods’ Twitter, you instantly realize he’s a vile, soulless, old man yelling at every cloud that passes. He also likes suing dead guys for saying he loves cocaine. This seems likes the kind of dude who likes barely legal pussy.


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