Allison Mack Tried To Recruit Meryl Streep On Twitter To Join Her Sex Cult


Allison Mack


Hey, remember when Allison Mack was second in command of sex cult? Well, everybody is arrested now, including Mack, who got indicted for sex trafficking and got released on a $5M bond to her parents. That ride home could have been a sequel to A Quiet Place. She tried to recruit Emma Watson and Kelly Clarkson, and I guess she got comfortable jacking shit up from half court, because she also tried to recruit MERYL STREEP.


The act of picking up your phone, opening Twitter, and tweeting Meryl Streep to ascertain if she’d be interested in joining a sex cult is a psychosis we can’t accurately measure here. “Meryl, big fan. Big fan. Would you like to join a sex cult and have your vagina branded? Let me know!” Like, why do women fall for dudes who create some weird stuff just to get laid? I hope the future isn’t this female. She should have tweeted Justin Trudeau. He probably would’ve joined if it came with a free pink t-shirt.



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