Alec Baldwin To Play Donald Trump-Like Dad In ‘Joker’ Movie


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Alec Baldwin is set to channel his inner Donald Trump again, but this time, it won’t be in a sketch for Saturday Night Live. Instead, Baldwin will play a Trump inspired character in the upcoming standalone Joker film, which will also star Joaquin Phoenix.

Baldwin will play the role of Thomas Wayne, who in the Batman comic series is the father of Bruce Wayne, and will base the character after the man who famously chased Stormy Daniels around his hotel room. This, of course, has lead many to ponder what version of Donald Trump we’ll be seeing on the big screen? Will Baldwin continue his mockery of the President or will we see a more articulate version of the real estate mogul?

Perhaps a bit of both, as according to The Hollywood Reporter, the Joker script is calling for “a cheesy and tanned businessman who is more in the mold of a 1980s Donald Trump.” In other words, a narcissistic and shallow one-percenter with a terrible skin pigment, which may fit the definition of Trump in just about any era.

Baldwin, who has been an open critic of Trump, has built a second career mocking the leader of the free world, which includes an Emmy win for his presidential impersonation on SNL while routinely blasting Mr. Twitter Fingers, himself, on social media.

Little else is known about the upcoming Joker movie outside of the star-studded cast, which includes Robert De Niro, Deadpool 2 and Atlanta star Zazie Beetz, and Glow actor Marc Maron in addition to the aforementioned Phoenix. Though, the inclusion of a Trump-inspired Thomas Wayne has some fans of the series less than enthused, considering Batman’s father has never been portrayed in such a questionable light.

Joker, directed by The Hangover mastermind, Todd Phillips, begins filming in a few weeks on September 10 with an anticipated release date of October 4, 2019. Hopefully, Phillips sticks close to the theme of the Batman and Joker series’ so we don’t have to watch two hours of political propaganda.


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