Alabama Cops Arrest Drug Dealers Who Showed Off Guns In Mannequin Challenge Vide


A gang of drug dealers in Alabama went down the hard way. No they didn’t have a shootout with the cops. They STAGED a fake shootout in order to create their rendition of the Mannequin Challenge in a Facebook video thus arousing suspicion from the police. OK millennials, now you can’t even create a proper violent street gang without screwing it up with some dumb Internet meme. Come on!

Doubtless you have seen this new Internet trend in your social media feeds. Like the Harlem Shake and The Ice Bucket Challenge before it, it is just a bit of silly fun to help the rest of us who aren’t Kim Kardashian get in on some of those coveted likes and shares. Basically participants pose perfectly still like a mannequin as the camera moves through the scene. Tons of examples have been generated and they even did one at the White House recently.

The First Rule of drug gang is don’t make an internet challenge video. The second rule of drug gang is don’t post the video to Facebook while holding your unregistered weapons. Kenneth Fennel White, 49 and Terry Brown, 23 did not get that memo. The two were arrested after the Madison, Alabama Sheriff’s office obtained a warrant to search their house after the mannequin video went viral.

Inside the home they found bags of packaged marijuana, scales and GUNS. The house was filled with not just drug paraphernalia, but loads of guns including two handguns, an assault rifle, a shotgun and several rounds of ammunition. White, already a felon was charged with “a felon in possession of a firearm” in addition to marijuana possession, while Brown was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Police are looking at the rest of the people in the video who they suspect are also convicted felons. Pro Tip: If you are a convicted felon in a drug gang with lots of illegal weapons and uh, drugs. You might not want to partake in viral internet challenges.

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