30 Things You Missed in The Last Jedi


Ever since Star Wars: The Force Awakens concluded, fans have been dying to see what happens next in the ongoing Star Wars saga. Director Rian Johnson had a lot to accomplish with this latest movie and he certainly managed to cram a lot in there. Star Wars: The Last Jedi has a lot going on and, that being the case, there’s likely a lot you missed on your first viewing.

One thing that the new Star Wars movies have been very good at is referencing other lore within a galaxy far, far away. Some of that can be from other movies, but often times, these references dig deep into the greater Star Wars mythology. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is no different, as it’s absolutely jam-packed with references, imagery and Easter eggs that give fans plenty to look out for.

If you’ve already seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi, then you likely caught some of these noteworthy things hidden within the movie. However, there’s plenty you probably missed so, in case you want to know what was hidden within the latest Star Wars movie, here’s everything you might have missed in The Last Jedi. Warning: major spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi follow.

Luke’s damaged hand.

Luke's damaged hand

Ever since the end of The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker has been dealing with a very damaged hand. Or lack of one, for that matter. He’s been rocking a robotic hand for more than 30 years, which is on full display in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. That wasn’t exactly hidden and was even shown again at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, in a very fun bit of attention to detail, we can see that his robotic hand is still damaged. If you’ll recall, Luke’s hand was shot during his battle on Jabba’s barge in Return of the Jedi. In The Last Jedi, if you look for it, you can still see the damage from the blaster on his robotic hand.

Luke’s X-Wing.

Luke's X-Wing

Luke has been hanging out on Ahch-To for quite some time when we encounter him in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The island that houses the secrets of the Jedi order is still very much a mystery in many ways, but what isn’t a mystery is how Luke Skywalker made his way to the island. He, as revealed in the movie, flew his trusty X-Wing there. Though, it’s clear he has no intentions on ever leaving, as his famed ship sits underneath the water at the base of the island. But part of his ship has been put to good use. If you look closely at the door to Luke’s hut, you’ll notice that one of the S-foils from his X-Wing was repurposed as a door. Grumpy, old Luke Skywalker likes his privacy.

Laser sword.

Lazer Sword

Those who are even casual fans of the Star Wars franchise know what a lightsaber is. The weapon of choice for the Jedi isn’t just a recognizable staple within the saga, but a truly identifiable item in the greater pop culture spectrum. But those who aren’t really into Star Wars have been guilty of calling them a “laser sword.” As irritating as this may be for Star Wars fans, director Rian Johnson brilliantly worked the phrase into The Last Jedi, having a very grumpy Luke say it to Rey at one point rather sarcastically. Somehow, this phrase made its way into a Star Wars movie and totally worked out.

Green milk.

Green Milk

Blue milk, sometimes called Bantha milk, has been a staple of Star Wars from the very beginning. A favorite drink of those who traverse a galaxy far, far away, the delicious-looking blue beverage is something fans are quite familiar with. Star Wars: The Last Jedi had a bit of an interesting nod to this in the form of a new twist on the drink; green milk. In one of the early scenes in The Last Jedi, Luke is seen milking a large, alien creature that inhabits the island of Ahch-To. From this alien, he gets a beverage that looks like blue milk, but is green. It doesn’t look very good, probably because we’re watching the process of obtaining the green milk, but Luke drinks it down. Maybe not delicious, but clearly nutritious.

The Jedi insignia.

Jedi insignia

One of the most iconic symbols in the Star Wars canon is the Jedi insignia. Though, strangely, it hasn’t been that present in the movies, but fans are still familiar with the symbol. However, Star Wars: The Last Jedi brings the Jedi insignia into the movies in a very meaningful way. As Rey is exploring Ahch-To, the Force tree on the island calls out to her. Inside the tree, she finds the oldest texts that contain the teachings of the Jedi. On one of the books she pulls out, the Jedi insignia can be seen, though covered in a little dust, quite clearly on the book.

Poe’s jacket is still Finn’s jacket.

Finn and Poe

One memorable big in Star Wars: The Force Awakens was Poe’s jacket. After crashing on Jakku, Finn found the jacket in the wrecked Tie Fighter and took it. Once reunited with Poe at the Resistance base, Poe decided that Finn looks good in the jacket, so it became Finn’s. Once Finn awakens from his long, healing slumber and gets dressed, he once again sports the jacket. One detail that was pretty easy to miss though, is the fact that the jacket has been fixed. During Finn’s fight with Kylo Ren, the hilt on Kylo’s lightsaber burned a hole in the jacket. If you look closely in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the jacket has been repaired.

Rose’s Rebel ring.

Rebel Ring

Kelly Marie Tran is introduced into the Star Wars franchise in The Last Jedi as Rose Tico. She’s very passionate about being part of the Resistance and clearly has a deep respect for these heroes who do the right thing for the galaxy, dating way back to the day of the Rebel Alliance. This is evidenced by her ring. During a key moment in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rose reveals to some young children on Canto Bight that her ring has the Rebel insignia on it. This reappears later on in the movie toward the end in a very inspiring moment, as one of those kids now has the ring with the Rebel symbol on it, representing the spark of the Resistance.

Alderaan trees.

Alderaan trees on Canto Bight

Canto Bight was one of the big, new locations introduced in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The luxurious casino planet plays an important part in the plot of the movie and it is a lot to take in. That being the case, it’s pretty easy to assume many fans didn’t catch a pretty important reference to Princess Leia’s home planet of Alderaan. There are some trees that can be seen on Canto Bight and, unless you’re looking for it, they seem pretty unassuming. However, even though Alderaan was destroyed years ago by the death star, some of the trees from the planet managed to live on and are now converted by the wealthy, many of whom hang out on Canto Bight. That being the case, the Alderaan trees are there to class the place up. Keep an eye out for them on your next viewing.

Crait mirrors Hoth.


The final conflict in Star Wars: The Last Jedi takes place on the planet Crait. This planet was once home to a Rebel base, which has been abandoned for years. Even though the land looks snowy, it’s covered in salt. Still, the salt flats are very reminiscent of Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back. Though Star Wars: The Last Jedi isn’t just a remake of The Empire Strikes Back, Crait serves as a strong callback to the beloved Star Wars movie. Not only in appearance, but the main battle sequence uses walkers, speeders and the Rebels trying to safeguard their base. In the Star Wars universe, history tends to repeat itself.

Force Trees finally revealed.

Force Tree

If you’ve only ever watched the Star Wars movies, the Force tree seen on the island of Ahch-To in The Last Jedi was something totally new to you. However, those obsessive Star Wars fans who have been keeping up with the expanded universe over the years were likely delighted to see a Uneti Force tree on the big screen. In the expanded Star Wars universe, be it the comics, novels or animated shows, these Force trees have been a clear obsession of the Jedi order for a long time. Thanks to Rian Johnson, they’re not part of the on screen Star Wars canon and helped deepen the Jedi mythology.


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