24-Year-Old Gas Station Clerk Saves Woman From Kidnappers


24-Year-Old Gas Station Clerk Saves Woman From Kidnappers

July 19, 2018

A gas station clerk in Waterford, California is being hailed as a hero after she helped save a woman from alleged kidnappers.

gas station clerk saves woman from kidnappers

Savannah Pritchett, 24, did not hesitate to act after a woman grabbed a hold of her wrist and said “Please, please help me. I’ve been kidnapped, they have two guns.”

Pritchett immediately locked the front door, handed the woman her cell phone and locked the woman in the restroom.

Minutes later, two of the armed kidnappers attempted to enter the store.

Pritchett remained calm.

“They asked me, you know, ‘Why’d you lock the door?’ and I told them she told me she started her period,” Pritchett told Fox 40.

Surveillance footage shows deputies enter the store minutes later with their guns drawn. Two of the suspects were taken into custody at the scene and detectives were able to identify and arrest two other suspects in this case.

In a Facebook post, the Stanislaus Count Sheriff’s Department called Pritchett a “true hero”, crediting her bravery and quick thinking with saving the unidentified woman.

“A Waterford gas station cashier is a true hero,” the department wrote. “Her bravery and quick-thinking saved a woman who was kidnapped and sexually assaulted. The victim showed up at the gas station, begging for help. The clerk stepped up, locked the doors, hid the woman and called our deputies.”


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